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Spitbraai Menu

Portuguese marinated lamb on the spit.

Mozzarella, paprika and caramelized onion filled french loafs

Sauce choices

Portabelini mushroom sc

Red wine sc

Madagascar green peppercorn sc

Potato choices

Fried jacket baby potatoes with cocktail onions, rosemary and bacon

Stuffed baked potatoes filled with calamata olive, sundreid tomato and sage

Caraway seed foil potatoes with lemon sour cream

Cream and parmesan baked potatoes

mealie pap tomato olive and cheese bacon bake

Green and rocket lettuce salad with olive roasted vegetables, olive croutons and pecorino

Greek salad with marinated watermelon, pecan nuts, feta and preserved figs

Balsamic, olive thyme and honey roasted cocktail onions

Ricotta and basil stuffed baked courgette with tomato sc

Desert choices (two)

Chocolate mouse with fresh berries

Lime cheesecake

Chocolate baked bread and butter pudding with citrus anglaise Malva pudding Caramel toffee pudding Amarula flavored crème caramel Indv carrot cakes White choc mouse with berry compote

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