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Buffet Menu Options


Caprese salad with fresh basil and olive oil fried croutons

Olive roasted vegetable selection with artichokes, calamata olives and pecorino

Mediterranean baby potato and sweet onion salad

Grilled aubergine, smoked chicken and baby spinach salad

Roasted sweet potato salad with smoked snoek and rocket lettuce

Watermelon, ginger, rocket, feta and curried pecan nut salad

Roast moroccan flavored carrot and avocado salad with orange and lemon- dressing, toasted croutons and sour cream

Chickpea and roasted pepper salad Cous cous and date

Moroccan style salad

Nicoise salad with smoked mackerel

Chorizo and brown lentil salad with balsamic baby beet, caramelized butternut, ed onions, pea shoots and parmesan shavings.  


Anti pasta platters 

Baby mozzarella balls 

Olive roasted vegetables 

Black olive

Baby squid

Sundried tomatoes


Baba ganoush

Olive oil



Rotis, ciabattini or rye bread   


Main course choices   

Meat and poultry 

Ricotta and basil filled chicken supreme with neapolitane sc and fresh pesto 

Roasted lamb shank itallian style with natural rosemary flavored sc 

Braised Deboned leg of lamb with natural sc 

Bacon and herb filled Deboned chicken rolls with tarragon, tomato and whole grain mustard cream sc

Beef fillet medallions with a Shiraz glaze

The best venison and mutton puff pasty pie

Grilled pork neck medallions with porcini mushroom scented sc

Bay leave and thyme braised pork knuckles with traditional sauerkraut

German sauerbraten served with bread and herb dumplings

Roast duck flavored with orange and lemon thyme

Duck and orange confit

Ducka rubbed springbok loin

Guinea fowl or chicken cog au vin



Grilled line fish portions with creamed leek and baby spinach

Norwegian salmon portions served with bacon and pecorino mash  


Vegetable choices   

Aubergine, marrow, pepper and pecorino towers with basil 

Bacon wrapped stuffed onions 

Olive oil roasted vegetable selection 

Honey and thyme roasted baby onions 

Malay roasted butternut wedges 

Tomato baked ricotta and basil filled marrows 

Cream baked potatoes 

Rosemary roasted baby potatoes 

Mielie pap and roma tomato towers with mozzarella 

Polenta cakes with ratatouille and pecorino 

Cous cous filled peppers 

Chorizo and bean tomato bake with roasted zucchini and parmesan 

Bread and bacon dumplings   


Desert choices 

The best chocolate mousse with fresh berries 

White chocolate mousse with berry compote 

Baked apple and puff pastry pies 

Lime cheesecakes 

Chocolate brownies with white chocolate dusting 

Chocolate bread and butter pudding with citrus anglaise 

Toffee pudding 

Chocolate pudding 

Malva pudding with vanilla bean anglaise 

Brandy and date pudding 


Amarula crème Brule  

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